Marker-Assisted Breeding

Several traits (i.e., powdery mildew resistance and seedlessness) are genetically tractable and can be used in marker-assisted breeding. Currently existing markers (see table below) can be used to select individual seedlings carrying desirable traits. However, we aim to identify and validate new markers throughout the course of this project.

Examples of known markers available and relevant for application in marker-assisted breeding

Symbol Trait/Allele Chromosome Origin Selected Referecnes
SdI seedlessness18V. vinifera Doligez et al. 2002; Cabezas et al. 2006
Sex hermaphroditism2V. vinifera Dalbò et al. 2000; Lowe and Walker 2006; Riaz et al. 2006
Ufgt berry color16 Fischer et al. 2004
Mtc monoterpene content5V. vinifera Battilana et al. 2009; Duchene et al. 2009
Lin Linalool content10V. vinifera Battilana et al. 2009; Duchene et al. 2009
5-gt anthocyanin 3,5-diglucosides9V. labrusca Janvary et al. 2009
MybA berry skin color2V. vinifera
Be size berry size (berry weight)18V. vinifera Doligez et al. 2002; Mejia et al. 2007
Ver véraison16 Fischer et al. 2004; Costantini et al. 2008
Pdr1 Pierce's disease14V. arizonica Riaz et al. 2006, 2008
Rpv1 Downy mildew12V. rotundifolia Merdinoglu et al. 2003
Rpv2 Downy mildew18V. rotundifolia Bellin et al. 2009
Rpv3 Downy mildew18 Welter et al. 2007
Rpv4 Downy mildew4 Welter et al. 2007
Rpv5 Downy mildew9V. riparia Marguerit et al. 2009
Rpv6 Downy mildew12V. riparia Marguerit et al. 2009
Rpv7 Downy mildew7 Bellin et al. 2009
Rpv8 Downy mildew14V. amurensis Blasi et al. 2011
Rpv10 Downy mildew9V. amurensis Schwander et al. 2011
Ren1 Powdery mildew13V. vinifera Hoffman et al. 2008
Ren2 Powdery mildew14V. cinerea Dalbò et al. 2001
Ren3 Powdery mildew15V. hybrid Welter et al. 2007
Ren4 Powdery mildew18V. romanetii Mahanil et al 2011
Run1 Powdery mildew12V. rotundifolia Barker et al. 2005
Run2 Powdery mildew18V. rotundifolia Riaz et al. 2011
Rdv1 Phylloxera13V. cinerea Zhang et al. 2009
Xir1 Nematode: Xiphinema index 19V. arizonica Xu et al. 2008

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